Path to Health Cancer Centre

The Path to Health Integrative Cancer Centre offers holistic management of cancer in all its aspects. Dr Raoul Goldberg, who has been treating cancer for the past 45 years, designs and co-ordinates the treatment programmes. The health team working at the Path to Health Cancer Centre in Constantia, Cape Town, is committed to managing the whole spectrum of cancer,  the prevention, precancerous dispositions, and all stages of cancer, including psychosocial support and palliative care.

Personalized holistic cancer  programmes  include a range of non toxic therapeutic options which may be taken with or without conventional cancer therapies.

Dr Raoul has forged partnerships with integrative cancer clinics around the world and continues to maintain his relationships with colleagues in Switzerland, Germany, UK and USA  on the latest developments in cancer research.  In treating individual patients , he works in close collaboration with certain cancer specialists, both locally and internationally. The psycho-social background is an essential part of the treatment process.