Integrative Medical Practice

flowerThe Path to Health Medical Practice is a patient centred and integrative general medical practice based on the holistic view of the human being as a living body, soul and spirit. It combines the best of conventional Western medicine with the best of complementary and traditional medicine to offer an integrative medical service. It has its home at the Path to Health Centre in Constantia, Cape.

Drawing on many years of holistic medical experience,Dr Goldberg attends to patients either as their GP or as a Consultant for specific medical problems. As a School Doctor he is orientated to all aspects of child health and child development and as a Path Method Psychotherapist he works actively with the psycho-social background of illness.

The Path to Health Medical Practice is strongly geered towards health education, health empowerment and health transformation. It seeks to do this though an active partnership between the patient/client and the doctor who together discover what and where the problem is and how to solve it. This leads to new insights enabling self empowerment and self transformation to take place. This new practice of Participatory Medicine actively helps patients help themselves placing them in the best position to help others.